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We design, manufacture and install cutting-edge
technologies for processing raw materials
into final products.


Every phase of the process leads to the final product, guaranteeing its enduring stability and protecting its food, sensory, and aesthetic qualities.

We customize the design and production of our machines to match specific customer needs, ensuring safety throughout the production process. This is achieved through continuous monitoring of all processes and a flexible approach in utilizing machinery and operational facilities.

From raw materials to final product

Discover all the features that make our Group a leader in automation world.

Turnkey and sustainable lines for the wine industry: from pneumatic presses to filters, from storage and refrigeration systems to the final stages of bottling and packaging.
Design, manufacturing and installation of complete distillation plants and distilleries: starting from a diverse range of sugary and starchy raw materials, all the way to the final packaging.
Bespoke and complete plants for both craft and industrial beer production. From malt handling to brewing vessels, from tanks to crossflow filters - our process extends to the final packaging stage.
Complete plants for the beverage sector, from the storage of sugar to automated systems for the preparation of the finished product passing through the dosing and mixing up to final packaging.
Comprehensive solutions for the treatment of milk and dairy products, from the arrival on site with milk tankers, to the pasteurization (HTST) or sterilization (UHT)and storage, up to bottling and final packaging.
Fats & Proteins
Cutting-edge equipment and systems catering to a spectrum of industries, including margarine, bakery, gelatine, shortening, oils and fats, and chocolate. From raw material reception to final packaging.
Water treatment
We provide water treatment plants following a precise sequence steps: application approach and analysis, feasibility study, process development, design, installation, commissioning, and training.

Learn about our technologies

Raw material receiving
Upon receiving the raw material our machines conduct quality checks until the beginning of the transformation process.
Product transformation
Processes of preparation or extraction of raw materials subsequently destined for the initial transformation.
Fermentation & Storage
Where innovations meets preservation: our expertise ensures fermentation and storage solutions for the quality products.
Filtration & Clarification
Filtering processes to attain optimal outcomes in terms of safety, quality, and long-term stability.
Pre-bottling treatments
Final treatments to prepare the product for packaging and ensure its stability.
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