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Service is an investment, not a cost

Interview to Paride Colantoni, Bertolaso’s Customer Service Director.



Omnia Technologies, a platform that combines the expertise of the top specialists in automation technologies for the wine industry, bases its offer on three values: technology, sustainability, and service.

To address market challenges and anticipate its customers’ needs, a new dedicated service team has been established in Bertolaso, led by a manager with extensive experience. The goal is to replicate this model in all companies and brands within the Group.

A platform created to provide integrated technological solutions covering the entire production process, from grape reception to final bottling and packaging. This is how Omnia Technologies presents itself, a group that brings together several Italian brands specializing in technologies for the wine sector, which also targets the global market through a network of 10 sales and service offices around the world and an approach based on technology, sustainability and service. 



But how are these values translated? Through what investments and concrete actions? We delved into the service dimension with Bertolaso’s new Customer Service Director, Paride Colantoni, a manager with proven experience gained in leading industry groups. 


You recently joined Bertolaso and Omnia Technologies Group. What tasks and responsibilities do you have? 

My entry arises from the will to provide Bertolaso with a structure specifically dedicated to customer service. My responsibility is to coordinate all after-sales activities, bringing the perspective of customer care and service that characterises our Group. 


How do you win the customer service challenge working in a historic company like Bertolaso? 

Our goal is to improve and take our relationship with our customers to a higher level, starting with listening to their needs. To do this, we have rationalized and strengthened the organization, creating a service function within Bertolaso with very clear responsibilities and roles.  

As initial actions, we’ll personally visit all Italian customers and meantime organize a service team of thirty people, divided into three different areas: the first macro-area, After Sales, deals with spare parts, upgrades, and service engineering, as well as providing services such as training and 24-hour assistance. The other two areas are Technical Support, both by phone and online, and Service Management, which coordinates and manages all on-site activities throughout the machine’s lifecycle. 

Expanding the focus to Bertolaso’s bottling technologies and solutions, what makes it stand out from its competitors? 

The uniqueness of the solutions offered and its deep knowledge of the sector, especially the wine and spirits ones. Despite being a large company with a wide range of products and installed technologies, Bertolaso is able to offer tailor-made and completely customized solutions, as well as highly innovative ones. We have recently developed a series of bottling technologies such as Sm@rtblock, the compact monobloc capable of adapting to any type of need and size, and therefore designed for smaller wineries.  

Now the challenge is to leverage the potential of the company, enabling all functions to work together, starting with service.  


Returning to the service model, do you think what you have implemented at Bertolaso can be adopted in other companies within the Group? And if so, how? 

Definitely the purpose is that, because our vision is clear and unique. We have already started to extend this service model to all the Group’s bottling&packaging companies, acting in synergy and in close collaboration with Bertolaso.  

Omnia Technologies’ strategy is to provide technologically advanced and sustainable solutions, meeting market requirements with a high level of service: this is why it is important to replicate the same degree of attention, centrality and ability to listen to the customer throughout the value chain. 


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