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Carbon neutral distillery

Omnia Technologies presents its first zero-emissions distillery. The case study was presented by Frilli – Omnia Technologies’ distillation solutions brand.

Omnia Technologies takes centre stage at the “Carbon Neutral Distillery: towards a fully sustainable production” symposium, held at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). Omnia Technologies is the global leading platform for integrated solutions and technologies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. It develops advanced, sustainable, tailormade and highly efficient solutions with high service levels for global customers.
Its innovative approach for the construction of the first industrial Single Malt Whisky distillery with a CO2 neutral footprint was illustrated at a symposium hosted by the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK).The new distillery will be able to produce two million litres of pure alcohol annually.

The case study was presented by Frilli – Omnia Technologies’ distillation solutions brand. The case study, presented at the University of Edinburgh by Filippo Cannoni, Distillation Business Unit Leader of Omnia Technologies and General Manager of Frilli, and Francesca Borsato, ESG Manager of Omnia Technologies, set out:

-Omnia Technologies’ track record in designing highly efficient distillation systems for beverage and spirits manufacturers with a high degree of customisation;
-The features of the carbon neutral plant to be developed in Scotland, entirely powered by electricity generated from renewable sources;
-The significant energy savings, reduction in CO2 emissions, and water consumption (compared to a standard configuration) of the new CO2 neutral.

“Energy savings and process optimisation are in our DNA. This, along with our bespoke approach, sets us apart from our competitors,” emphasised Filippo Cannoni. “We firmly believe that the future liesin producing high-quality spirits with minimal environmental impact, completely neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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