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Integrated bottling lines for wine and spirits industries.


Bertolaso S.p.A. is leader in designing, producing, and installing automatic bottling systems for still and sparkling wine, spirits, beer, fruit juices, water, and drinks.

In 1880 in the village of Zimella, (in the Verona countryside), eng. Bortolo Bertolaso founded his company for the wine-making field.

The imprinting is clear: a strong drive towards engineering development leads the company to focus on designing machines to cork bottles.

Through four generations, the Bertolaso family widened and diversified their production of bottling machinery, without betraying the pioneering spirit of the founder: a constant commitment to seeking out increasingly advanced technical solutions.


Our technologies

Our modular solutions provide high production results, maintaining great accuracy, simple operation, and reliability over time.

Our bottle sterilizing machines assure the widest range in the number and type of treatments. The gripping systems guarantee sturdiness and quick format changeovers, without compromising cleaning accuracy.
An objective: never altering the properties of the liquids. Our high-capacity solutions for wines are worldwide known for their innovation and quality. The same expertise in the automatic filling level control is extended to all other sectors.
We offer specialized technologies for all materials: cork, screw caps, press-on or crown caps. Our range includes systems that can be easily setup to comply with different production speeds, liquids and closing methods.
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