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All in one design for case erecting, packing the bottles inside the cases and sealing with tape. Our exclusive project: TRIO brings together all the end-of-the-line functions, including sealing the cases, within a unique machine. A super-reduced footprint, robustness and reliability, maximum attention to the man-machine interaction, make this model one of our major success with more than 400 hundreds models installed and running worldwide. Available in the Bag-in-Box version.


TRIO HM represents the latest evolution in packaging. It builds on the solidity and reliability of a design that has been in existence for more than 20 years by integrating it with the latest technological solutions and adding glue closure. In a smaller space than the solutions on the market, TRIO HM combines the three functions of packaging: carton forming, carton packing and top and bottom flaps sealing with hot-melt glue. All within a single machine. The monoblock is designed to provide the highest level of flexibility in bottle size, and ease of use through intuitive adjustments and multi-format equipments. It adopts technological solutions also present in the performance series, such as the use of brushless motors, which guarantee maximum movement control and precision in carton forming. It can be completed with the partitions inserter device. This functionality that can also be integrated at a later stage.


The TRIO P4 incorporates all packaging functions in one monoblock: case forming, case packing, partition inserting and case selaing with hot melt.
This is the result of the technological development of the TRIO HM which, thanks to the plug&play option of the partitions inserter, finds its evolution in the TRIO P4.


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