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Comas & Favotto acquisition

Omnia Technologies achieves a new strategic milestone entering the pharmaceutical and medical sectors with the acquisitions of Comas and Favotto.

The leading Group in the automation and bottling technologies for the beverage industry acquires two new companies to enter the pharmaceutical and medical sectors and to further enhance its product range. A EUR 110 million ESG-linked financing package has been secured to support the growth strategy.


Omnia Technologies, specialised in the design and manufacturing of machinery and automated lines for the beverage industry, continues its growth under the ownership of Investindustrial with the acquisition of two new companies.


The first company is Comas, a company from the Province of Siena, which has been operating for more than 40 years in the manufacturing of liquid filling and capping machines for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The company has an installed base of more than 1,200 machines worldwide, more than EUR 10 million in revenues, and approximately 40 employees. The second company is Favotto, a company from the Province of Treviso, which is a leader in the design and manufacturing of tanks and large-scale systems for the beverage industry. In 2022, Favotto had revenues of approximately EUR 20 million and approximately 50 employees.


The two acquisitions, both of 100% of the share capital, bring Omnia Technologies’ pro-forma turnover to over EUR 300 million, and strategically mark its entry into the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The acquisitions further enable the Group to enhance its product offering for processing and bottling & packaging, which enables the Group to design and provide tailor-made solutions with a high level of technological specialisation and a renowned orientation towards service and sustainability.


In parallel, Omnia Technologies continues to focus on enhancing its organisational and financial structure. In recent days, the Group secured a EUR 110 million ESG-linked financing agreement with a group of 10 leading Italian and international banks and credit investors. The financing package is made up of a EUR 80 million senior medium/long-term loan and a EUR 30 million credit line dedicated to financing further acquisitions and working capital requirements. The financing package aims to provide the Group with the resources to acquire Favotto and Comas, continue the expansion plan, and streamline the Group’s capital structure by refinancing a substantial portion of the existing debt.


“The acquisition of the two companies and signing of the financing agreement enable the execution of our strategic goal”, commented CEO Andrea Stolfa. “Omnia Technologies aims to be a leader in the technology and automation, made in Italy, in the beverage industry, in the dairy sector and now, thanks to Comas, in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors”

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