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Brewhouse from 10 to 50 hl.

Flex-Bräu is one of the brewing systems within the product range of Easybräu-Velo.

As its name suggests, Flex-Bräu has been designed to be a flexible and adaptable solution to meet various space requirements, production speed preferences, technical choices of the brewer, and potential future developments after the first installation. The combination of these features has made the Flex-Bräu range the best-selling product in recent years because it has been able to adjust to significant changes in the craft beer market.

This technology is based on two fundamental concepts for the offered product: structurally, the core of the machine consists of two vessels, already prepared for the integration of additional components, allowing for a configuration up to 6 vessels; on the software side, the Flex-Bräu brewing system is fully automatic and remotely controllable, ensuring maximum performance in terms of production speed, extreme stability in product quality, energy efficiency, and reduction in water and energy consumption.


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